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Building a new genre of multiplayer RPGs.
Harnessing the power of player stories with Autochronicle AI.

Players consume content faster than game designers develop it.

Autochronicle AI captures what players do, composes stories about their characters and automatically transforms them into in-game content.

Players lose interest and unsubscribe while waiting for new content.

We generate new quests, equipment and storylines based on player activity, no development needed and invites players as co-designers.

MMO game studios lose nearly half of their subscribers between expansions.

We create story ecosystems that automatically grow unique, expressive content which players also can see themselves in.

The future of gameplay is built by players in persistent game worlds, where they create the narratives and become real legends.

Technology & Development

We are a small team of game & technology enthusiasts dedicated to creating more meaningful digital worlds through player stories. Supported by Inria Startup Studios, we are currently compiling years of scientific research into realizing our very first game title which will define and showcase the autochronicle genre.

PhD research conducted over 4+ years gives us a unique approach and robust deep technology solution. Validated through top peer-reviewed international publications & support from world renowned researchers, Realspawn Studios is the first & only project to build & test story ecosystem technologies in a real MMO game setting.
Unyha is an Autochronicle Seasonal Multiplayer RPG where players compete to become the most influential heroes, and foster long-lasting kinships and legendary bloodlines. Unyha is currently in alpha-stage, running with complete story ecosystems & exemplifies the rich variety of not only content, but also mechanics which can be built from player stories.

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